Cascade 3" Cool Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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* Icey cool fabric for a breathable, cooler sleep experience
* Infused foam top layer enriched with copper, gel, silver, and graphite, enhancing airflow, offering superior pressure relief, and fostering better health
* The high density firm comfort foam provides balanced support throughout, contributing to proper spinal alignment and overall posture support
* Proudly made in the USA with Certi-PUR-US certified foam

Includes: One (1) mattress

Elevate your sleep to a realm of serene comfort with this 3” mattress topper, a masterpiece of tranquility. The icey cool cover enfolds your bed in a cooling caress, masterfully engineered to dissipate warmth and wick away the troubles of your day. Beneath lies a duet of harmonious support: 1.5” of visco foam, kissed with copper, gel, silver, and graphite, melds to you, providing a bespoke fit that eases the mind and body. Another 1.5” of high density comfort foam lays the foundation for unparalleled support, aligning your dreams with the spine's natural curve. As you sink into its plush embrace, the topper's luxurious comfort transforms your bed into an oasis, ideal for any sleeper's repose.