Veena Chrome Dining Table

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  •  Embrace an Art Deco and retro fusion in this modern dining table base, characterized by a cylindrical cage-like design of slim metal rods for an open, airy style
    * Elevate design possibilities with the lustrous polished chrome finish that adapts seamlessly to your preferred color palettes
    * Experience versatility as the sturdy metal base accommodates tabletops of varying sizes and shapes
    * Transform it into a bold end table or a spacious round dining table to suit your preferences and space
    * Infuse your setting with a touch of dramatic elegance, using this uniquely designed base as a canvas for your creative dining space visions

    * Table base finish: Chrome

    With a chic Art Deco vibe and retro-inspired flair, comes this modern dining table base. Featuring a cylindrical shape surrounded by slim metal rods all around, this dining table base gives off a cage-like appearance and an open and airy style. With a lustrous polished chrome finish throughout, it opens itself up to existing color palettes, allowing you to play with tablescapes and seating as you wish. Versatile and convenient, this sturdy metal base allows you to top whatever size or shape tabletop you desire in the space. Make it a dramatically bold, wide end table or an oversized round dining table suitable for multiple guests.
Description Length Width Depth Height Diameter Depth Open Height Open
DINING TABLE BASE       29.50 35.00  
Description Length Width Depth Height Diameter Depth Open Height Open
GLASS TOP         60.00